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Mobile as the Medium

Author: Charlie MacLeod Apr - 6 - 2015

Last week, as I stood on a New York City subway while it was barreling downtown, it occurred to me how each and every person within sight was staring at, listening to or tapping on their mobile device. To those of us centered in marketing, it is no secret that mobile is a major disruption […]


Top 10 Ways to Super Charge and Optimize Your Job Postings

Author: Tricia Folliero Apr - 1 - 2015

Trying to hire? In 2015, the chances are that your candidates will type a job title into a search engine. This is why it is important to keep your job postings highly visible and optimized. If candidates can’t find your postings, you won’t get responses—but when your jobs are optimized, it can become one of […]


In-House or Outside Advertising Agency?

Author: Charlie MacLeod Jan - 16 - 2015
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For at least one generation of business, companies have struggled with the question of whether or not to establish an in-house agency or to contract with an outside agency to perform advertising functions. Let’s take a look at both options, to help provide you with enough information to get you on your way. Companies bring […]


Healthcare Marketing – An Emphasis on Digital

Author: Charlie MacLeod Nov - 23 - 2014

Healthcare marketers are faced with finding cost effective ways to develop patient relations, and digital methods are becoming more and more the answer.  At first glance it may seem out of place to execute digital strategies to a presumably younger audience, but as research is indicating, more and more patients are online and on mobile […]


Your next hire…what side of the brain aisle are they on?

Author: Charlie MacLeod Nov - 5 - 2014

  Brain functions and why they matter to marketers Having spent over 30 years in the marketing business, I’ve seen many changes. The tactics we use, the metrics we calculate and the strategies for approaching project goals have all evolved into a myriad of…wonder. The Internet and social media have certainly contributed to this ever-changing […]


Marketing Automation – The Fastest Growing Discipline in Corporate Marketing

Author: Charlie MacLeod Oct - 3 - 2014

It’s no surprise that today’s digital technology combined with sophisticated database management is resulting in a rapidly new growing field known as marketing automation. The two are actually a perfect fit when it comes to building leads and growing sales for the C-suite. Technology allows us to capture more and more information about our brand […]


Why Use Social Media for B2B Marketing?

Author: Charlie MacLeod Sep - 17 - 2014

Digital Changes Everything. It is evident that the advent and continuous growth of social media platforms has increased the number of sources that consumers employ in making decisions. It’s had a disruptive effect on purchasing behaviors. Retail websites, rating services, online forums, social sites, peer reviews and blogs are all sources used by consumers to […]


SMM’s Weekly Picks: Favorite summer activity on Long Island

Author: SMM Advertising Jul - 31 - 2014

Each Friday, members of our team will let us know what they’re into this week based on a certain topic.   With all that Long Island has to offer in the summer, today’s edition of SMM’s Weekly Picks focuses on our favorite summer activities to enjoy on this beautiful island.   “Boating. Every weekend all summer long, […]


SMM’s Weekly Picks: Our “must have” app

Author: SMM Advertising Jul - 25 - 2014

Each Friday, members of our team will let us know what they’re into this week based on a certain topic.  In today’s post, Steve Comando, Trish DeGraw and Judy DeBiase discuss their must-have app of the moment.   “Instagram isn’t just a tool to share photos, but a way to tell your story and share […]


SMM Advertising President Charlie MacLeod Appointed to New York State Insurance Fund Board of Commissioners

Author: SMM Advertising Jul - 9 - 2014

SMM Advertising President Charlie MacLeod has recently been appointed to the New York State Insurance Fund Board of Commissioners (NYSIF, Albany, NY). MacLeod, along with three other new appointees, was nominated by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and confirmed by the New York State Senate on June 20, 2014. As a new NYSIF Commissioner, […]