There are all kinds of things that we believe set SMM apart from the crowd — our culture, our process, our passion for creating remarkable and measurable campaigns. But those are just nice words unless you can back them up with the work you've done. We think you'll agree that we can.

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So, You Think You Know B2B Marketing?

For most of my professional life I’ve been engaged in B2B and B2C advertising and marketing, on both the client and agency sides of the equation. We’re talking way more than a couple of decades here. I can remember back to when B2B was called “industrial” advertising, and the height of creativity was to put a pretty girl next to whatever it was you were trying to sell...READ MORE

Damage Control in the Digital World

Time alters everything; the person you were when you began reading this is different from the person you will be when you finish, regardless of how miniscule the changes might be. Taking the metaphor a bit further, yesterday’s brand research was focused on a lazy, slow-moving stream. Today brands exist in the equivalent of Class 5 whitewater rapids, with ...READ MORE

SMM Advertising wins two PromaxBDA Awards

SMM Advertising has won two PromaxBDA Awards for the Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services (FRES) Campaign: Volunteer to be Amazing. The awards are for Art Direction & Design, PSA Spot: Gold PromaxBDA Award; and Public Service Announcement Spot: Bronze PromaxBDA Award. The TV spot was part of a “heroic” multimedia ...READ MORE