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Advertising is more than an ad. It's a point of view.

It's a way to turn a direct conversation on its head in order to get to the essence of the primary message. At SMM, we create ad campaigns with legs. Our work is built to reinforce a strong message or push a narrative that stays with consumers long after viewing.

Print advertising

Sponsored social media ads

Referral programs

Digital ads

Direct mail

Case studies

Broadcast (TV & radio)

Media outreach

Customer engagement


Stars of Automation campaign

Festo ad - You can always spot a star performance
Festo ad - Nothing shines like a star in its element
Festo ad - Always get a star performance every time

Twomey Latham

Be Well Advised campaign

Twomey Latham advertisement - Every legal journey requires a seasoned navigator
Twomey Latham advertisement - Our legal success, built on teamwork
Twomey Latham advertisement - Protection is everything

The Mako Group

Aim for Greatness campaign

Mako Meprolight ad - Tenacity that goes beyond staying power
Mako Meprolight ad - Quickness that goes beyond speed
Mako Meprolight ad - Focus that goes beyond aim


Innovation Drives Success campaign

Bystronic Advertisement - Fiber laser power plus high performance automation
Bystronic advertisement - Automated Tube Laser Cutting Solutions
Bystronic Advertisement - Xpert 80 Mobile Bending Cell


Your Y is Waiting campaign

YMCA Ad - It's time to restart your fitness journey.
YMCA Ad - It's time to return to healthy habits.
YMCA Ad - It's time to reconnect.


Re.Define campaign

Canon Realis advertisement
Canon Realis advertisement
Canon Realis advertisement

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