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The foundation of any successful B2B marketing strategy is the generation of high-quality leads; setting up a steady flow of these leads will guarantee a sustainable rate of growth.

A successful strategy for generating leads should integrate elements of both inbound and outbound marketing. Your inbound marketing efforts can be used to build credibility, which will attract more qualified leads, while your outbound marketing efforts focus on making immediate contact.

Content marketing

Traditional advertising

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Digital PR

Google search ads

Search engine optimization

Display & video ads


ATI of New York

LinkedIn sponsored ads & lead gen

ATI Linkedin
ATI Linkedin 2
ATI Linkedin 3

ATI of New York

Automated email nurturing campaign

ATI Email Flow
ATI Email
ATI Email 2
ATI Email 3


Facebook sponsored ads

Festo Facebook Ad
Festo Facebook Ad 2
Festo Facebook Ad 3


Google ads - search

YMCA Google Search
YMCA Google Search 2

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We prove our case through our clients' successes. See how our unique process has resulted in increased awareness, qualified leads, and raised profiles.

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