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A More Humanistic Approach to Automation

Festo, a global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions, was seeking a way to promote their media flow product line worldwide. The advertising strategy was to highlight the key features of each product, and at the same time promoting how each component can work together in a media flow process.

The Challenge

The campaign had to work across many countries. SMM needed to build a creative platform that could resonate across many cultures – to tell Festo’s story in a way that was original, motivational, strategically sound, and built to engage global customers. As our solution, we chose sports. A campaign was developed that assigned human characteristics to each product - treating each as an “MVP” on the media flow automation team. This theme extended to the name of the microsite: /teamwork

The Solution

Developing the interactive “Teamwork” microsite (a key element of the campaign) presented a number of challenges. It was to be hosted in Germany and needed to work consistently in whatever country the user was in and whatever browser or operating system they were using. Adding to that, certain sports resonate differently from country to country. We needed to apply our campaign to at least two team sports and ensure that the visuals and terminologies would be understood by with the right targets. Our full-stack team of content writers and programmers ensured that for every country, language and device, the experience was consistent for users (customers, sales reps and dealers).

To make sure the launch of the microsite had maximum reach, we developed an integrated marketing plan. Collaborating with a strong PR push, we created a series of creative communication tools, including collateral materials, print and digital ads, targeted eblasts, newsletters, and social media content.

The Results

The campaign has had a huge impact on Festo’s sales and their ability to frame the benefits of their products. After a successful rollout in the United States, the campaign has found success in 27 other countries around the globe, and has been discussed and showcased in dozens of trade magazines and industry websites.

Festo magazine article Process Automation

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