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It’s all about the vision

SMM was tasked to help ACRES, a successful Capital investment firm, build the kind of brand and awareness that alluded them up until now. How did we solve it? The way we solve most of our marketing challenges. We began with research on the company, their industry and the perception of how they are both seen from outsiders and insiders.

The Challenge

Once we were educated on the facts, we went about building a brand that would resonate with customers who sought mid-level bridge and construction loans. As a firm that helps bring the vision of their partners to fruition, despite financial and timing obstacles, their brand had to speak to the unwavering optimism of those architects and investors in seeing their project to completion, and the expertise, speed and certainty of the financial product ACRES offered them.

The Solution

Our brand campaign centered on the project journey, and the new tagline played into that vision:

Acres Capital Logo

We followed that with a branding and lead generation campaign, launched simultaneously, to drive leads and build awareness of ACRES to their target audience, of which our research provided us with the exact media channels to find them. The campaign was such a success that new and existing customers began telling our clients, “We see you everywhere.”


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Like what you see?

So did others. From national and regional marketing competitions to digital and social media honors for excellence, SMM has won many awards with our clients. Here are a few recent winners that honor our clients' businesses and the excellence we have accomplished together.

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