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Aim for greatness

With both police and military included, the consumer firearm industry is a huge market. A challenge is presented when a new player enters the field. Most customers in this space are skeptical of new brands, but if a good case can be made, they’re open. The Mako Group, an Israeli firearm accessories company, was looking for that "in."

The Challenge

While The Mako Group had conducted several years of traditional print advertising, they weren’t reaching the size of audience they thought they could. We proposed a robust digital, social, and PR campaign, utilizing unique product videos, to drive awareness and sales.

The Solution

By creating a new brand for Meprolight, then promoting their new products through trade and enthusiast publications and blogs, SMM was able to get tens of thousands of eyes on the new videos and, in turn, increase sales and pre-sales through the website and with distribution outlets.



Direct Views
In social media
and industry websites



In online sales



Search Engine
Website volume increase

Mako Meprolight ad - Quickness that goes beyond speed
Mako Meprolight ad - Tenacity that goes beyond staying power
Mako Meprolight ad - Focus that goes beyond aim
Mako Meprolight ad - Vision that goes beyond eyesight

A Thorough Digital Campaign


Targeted digital ads were placed in industry-valued websites and through a demographically-driven adword text and display campaign.

As the days progressed, our digital experts modified and adjusted our ads based on click data to get the most out of the budget provided to us by Mako.

Mako Meprolight banners on web page

Video Saturation


Through a combination of digital advertising, PR, and social media, SMM was able to drive traffic to Meprolight’s product videos, racking up huge numbers of full views and helping to increase sales by 20% during the full campaign.

In addition, SMM hired industry-specific social media influencers to promote Meprolight products by producing how-to and product review videos.

Mako Meprolight videos on youtube

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Like what you see?

So did others. From national and regional marketing competitions to digital and social media honors for excellence, SMM has won many awards with our clients. Here are a few recent winners that honor our clients' businesses and the excellence we have accomplished together.

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