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Intellectual Property and the Economics of Entertainment

illustration of Shakespeare

There’s been buzz over the past few weeks concerning how Condé Nast, the New York Times, and other publishing companies are busily preparing digital versions of their various publications. The gist is that they want to be ready for the only-rumored, yet heavily hyped, Apple Tablet. Apparently, the Kids From Cupertino have achieved such a…

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Communication Through Typography

women's hands over keyboard

I have been studying and working in graphic design for the past seven years. There are several factors that contribute to making a project or campaign successful and, in my opinion, choice of typeface is the most important. Selecting the appropriate typeface is key. Each type font has a personality and an image… it is…

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Welcome/New Media Intro

person typing on silhouette laptop keyboard

This is the official Sanna Mattson MacLeod blog, where each week you’ll find blog posts from a member of the SMM team. We are a full-service advertising agency, which means you’ll be seeing posts related to each of departments, such as Recruitment, Art, Media, Communication, Creative and — my personal favorite —New, or Social Media.…

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