4 Brands Who Struck Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

Close up of green beer and shamrock

Many companies and brands find their most creative ideas for marketing campaigns during holidays both big and small. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween and even on Thanksgiving, you’ll find sweepstakes, giveaways, & holiday-themed treats. This St. Patrick’s Day you’re in luck! The four brands featured below have taken advantage of the green themed holiday in…

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Advertising with Amazon

Amazon Advertising logo

Chances are, you are among the 300 million people who buy products from Amazon. But even if you’re one of the rare few who don’t, a large segment of your customer base most likely does—and that makes Amazon Ads a good tool to use to reach your target audience. Continue reading to learn about the…

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Five Principles of Tribe Marketing

illustration of crowd of young people

Historically, tribes consisted of people who banded together for the good of their community, and shared duties so they could survive and raise the next generation of the tribe together. While tribes today are bonded more around social interests than survival, the people who are part of them still take them quite seriously—which creates opportunities…

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Five Ways to Keep Instagram Followers Engaged

Person holding phone with like and comment notifications

With over 500 million users, Instagram is a must for many social media marketing plans. But, like with any social media platform, in order to get the most out of your efforts, you have to adopt strategies to keep your followers as engaged as possible. The following are some ways you can keep your page’s…

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Five Marketing Lessons From the Easter Bunny

Easter bunny with number 5

Spring has sprung and with Easter right around the corner, one of the symbols of the season, the Easter Bunny, can be seen more and more in advertisements. But the iconic character isn’t just a vehicle for egg hunts and satisfying chocoholics’ cravings: You can actually get valuable marketing tips from this adorable little rabbit.…

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Five Targeting Strategies for Paid LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising logo

Chances are, you’re regularly using LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded professionals. The platform is a great way to network, find people to form partnerships with, and recruit prospective employees. But it’s also an effective tool for advertising – to strategically get in front of your ideal audience and boost the number of qualified leads…

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5 Ways to Get Connected With Generation Z

Gen-Z 1995-2012

Marketers are continually trying to figure out how to capture the imagination of millennials—a generation that consumes information in ways they had never seen before. Now there’s a new generation in town, Generation Z, and they’re even more complicated than their older siblings. However, understanding them is well worth the effort, as they currently make…

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Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Mobile

Line of office professionals on mobile devices

In recent years, people have increased their mobile device use exponentially. But you only have to step outside to see that: Just about anywhere you go nowadays, it’s not that difficult to find at least one person doing something on their phone or tablet. In fact, recent studies show that people spend at least five…

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Five Questions to Consider When Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tips with notebook and pen

Chances are, you’re already using Facebook to reach your current and potential customers. Although the platform is a great way to get eyes on your website, promote sales, and engage with your audience, your efforts may not be as fruitful as they could be if you’re using it incorrectly. Are you using Facebook in a…

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Increase Email Engagement Through Automation

Robot with email icon Need Email Help?

Email is an effective way to stay in touch with your audience, but it can also be time consuming. One way to keep in contact with current and potential customers on a regular basis is to use automation, which allows you to create messages once in programs like MailChimp and Activecampaign and set them to…

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