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Part 1: How to Stay in Business for 25 Years (25 Tips)

Charlie MacLeod SMM Advertising

Over the next five weeks I will be blogging about how we stayed in business for 25 years. Each week will have five brief hints about how we did it –for a total of 25 hints for 25 years! -Charlie MacLeod President SMM Advertising 1. Be nice. The outward respect and kindness you bestow on…

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Baseball is a Business, but Business Isn’t Baseball

Derek Jeter hit by inning pitch

It became a hot topic the other day, although I’m having a difficult time understanding why.  In last Wednesday’s baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, shortstop Derek Jeter was awarded first base because the umpire believed that he had been hit by a pitch; a misconception Jeter played up…

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Ready To Plant Some Seeds after the Economic Downturn ?

seedlings sprouting from ground

You’ve been a couch potato long enough – get up! Spring seems to have sprung, or at minimum be just around the corner. Where will you be, come the fall? Often during an economic downturn, there are a few stages we go thru; fight, denial, realization, and then atrophy. I don’t know about you but…

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