Marketing Trends Preparing to Launch in 2019

2019 Marketing Trends: Media, Idea, technology, advertising, SEO, analysis, promotion, SEM, mobile, web, online

As an industry, marketing is projected to grow by 6.4% new hires in 2019, stemming from many global changes in the previous year. 2018 saw many landmark changes in the field of marketing which will have a ripple effect leading into the new year. Facebook’s change in ad placement, the rise of influencer marketing and…

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Advertising with Amazon

Amazon Advertising logo

Chances are, you are among the 300 million people who buy products from Amazon. But even if you’re one of the rare few who don’t, a large segment of your customer base most likely does—and that makes Amazon Ads a good tool to use to reach your target audience. Continue reading to learn about the…

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Five Questions to Consider When Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tips with notebook and pen

Chances are, you’re already using Facebook to reach your current and potential customers. Although the platform is a great way to get eyes on your website, promote sales, and engage with your audience, your efforts may not be as fruitful as they could be if you’re using it incorrectly. Are you using Facebook in a…

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The Essential Basics in Digital Marketing

Before we decide that TV is dead, can someone tell me what digital marketing is?

It isn’t really difficult to have a good digital marketing plan, but it does rely on certain basic tools. Before you expand your digital marketing outreach, make sure you have these tools strongly in place. A Consistent Brand What is it that you are telling your customers? What do you want them to know? What…

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Your Website. Three Tips Beyond the Obvious.

Man on laptop with websites coming out of the screen

The unique way your company brands itself and its mission online is your Digital DNA and its importance is a given. Yet even today the strategies that organizations, ranging from the mom-and-pop hardware store to the multinational, employ vary significantly. And it’s easy to see why – the advice market is saturated!. Post daily on…

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3 Secrets for Writing Great Content

Laptop with website on screen: Page Content Business Essentials

If you are running a business, you’ve undoubtedly considered the value of content on your company’s website and social media sites to increase sales and grow your company’s brand name. However, just any content will not do the job. You need content that is search engine optimized (SEO content), informative, factual and entertaining. So, what…

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Make Podcasting Part of Your B2B Strategy

man listening to podcast

Podcasting has been a popular marketing tactic for several years now. According to Edison Research, 30 percent of Americans listen to podcasts. Its low cost and simplicity can help any digital advertising campaign. But before you take the plunge, it’s important plan your podcasting strategy. When to start a podcast The best time to implement…

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