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giving back - It's good business

“I’m always happy to donate and feel it’s incumbent upon any successful business to do so,” says Peggy Washburn, world exhibited photographer and artist. “Helping others and giving back to the community gives me the opportunity to meet new people and develop additional long-lasting relationships. In the end, it benefits all.” With over 70 organizations she’s donated or regularly contributed to, her client base is expanding on both the East and West Coast. This is a perfect example of tribe marketing focused solely on doing the right thing and supporting the communities she does business with.

Donating as a Form Of Tribe Marketing

Whether it’s a photographer donating photo shoots to their local school’s auction or a fashion company that donates to UNICEF in efforts to eradicate child labor, aligning your views to the consumer base you’re marketing to is beyond beneficial. Doing so not only expands your tribe, but it also leans their loyalty towards your business before they’ve rendered your services. Let’s say Alzheimer’s Disease runs in one consumer’s family and they’re nearing retirement. While looking at upscale Senior Citizen’s Communities in Tampa, they come upon one who donates to The Alzheimer’s Association, versus one who doesn’t. It’s pretty clear which community they are likely to lean towards; a perfect case in which your contributions toward a good cause are a win/win.

Corporate Social Responsibility

87% of consumers said they’d support doing business with a company that advocates for some sort of social issue, while 76% said they would decline to do business with a company that holds views and supports issues that conflict with their own beliefs. 66% of the population said they’re willing to pay more for products sold by companies that give back and do the right thing. Additionally, looking at this from a tax perspective, there’s no downside for a business to be charitable. Whether it’s a monetary donation which is fully tax deductible or an in-kind service donation (in which case you can only deduct your materials and not your time), it’s good for business. The advertising pays for itself at little or no cost to you. Any up-front money will likely give your business a significant tax break, so being charitable pays for itself.

A Happy Workplace

Employees are statistically happier working for a socially conscientious company. When a company’s employees are happier they are more productive and a better reflection of your brand. They traditionally deliver superior customer service, increasing the brand’s clientele out of the sheer principle that positive energy spills over in every way. When people learn of how a company contributes to a cause in which they believe, that company has effortlessly earned their clientele’s loyalty. This trickle-down effect contributes to the company’s overall well-being and success.

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Written by: Lucy Miller
with permission of Peggy Washburn –


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