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Buyer's Journey Blog

When determining which channel will best serve your marketing campaign, you’ll always want to consider your buyer’s journey (the customer’s path to conversion) as several steps come into play before the buyer makes their final decision to purchase a product or service from a brand.

Understanding your audience and where they fall on their journey is the best way to move them down the sales funnel appropriately and efficiently. Research is key in attracting a high-qualified audience while providing marketing and messaging to help them through the decision-making process.

The Buyer’s Journey breaks down into 5 main stages equally important and unique in your marketing strategy. These stages are as follows:


This represents when the customer becomes aware of a need, and your goods or service can be perceived as fulfilling that need. Brands need to create awareness and overall visibility of their products and services at this stage.


This stage is when a customer knows their need and starts looking for options to fulfill it. They have a general idea in mind but now begin to research known and even unknown options through reviews, social media posts, and websites to gain as much insight as possible.


This phase occurs when a customer already knows about your brand and thinks you could meet their need. They might be interested in other brands as well, but you are in the running. This is where consistent cross-channel marketing comes in handy – because you want to place friendly reminders everywhere you can.


This is the moment of truth – where a customer finally buys your product, downloads your app, or signs up for your service. After all their research, they have deemed you the best solution, and you’ve made the sale.


It doesn’t get better than conversion… or does it? This represents a very overlooked stage. After all, what is better than recurring revenue through brand loyalty? Your customer perceived value in your product or service and came back for more.


We at SMM are no strangers to the conversion funnel and each and every step of the Buyer’s Journey. No matter where your brand is positioned in the market, we can strategize the most efficient way to reach your audience and craft a narrative to speak to them directly at each stage of their journey. With the development of content to bring awareness of your products or services, tactics to solve the needs of a potential customer, audience engagement strategies that will lead to a conversion, and personalized messages for retention, our team has a process to develop and implement a proven strategy for success. Call at 631-265-5160 or message us at today, and lets discuss a new marketing strategy that works for you.


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