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Guy Kawasaki recently talked with Jennifer Jones of Marketing Voices about his Twitter strategy and some of the negative comments he’s received from it.

  1. He has over 185K followers on Twitter.
  2. Twitter Goal: Spread the word about his site.
  3. Strategy: Promote his site- & all 700 of its topics. He provides interesting links for followers & hopefully has them Re-Tweeted (RT’s) (considers them as the sincerest form of flattery).
  4. He repeats some of his tweets & has 3 “Ghosts” that helps him update his Twitter (leaves their initials when they do post for him).
  5. The Twitterers most against his T account/strategy mainly have 50 followers and have been on Twitter for a month (Interesting right?).
  6. Uses to automatically send out RSS links from sites he believes is trustworthy and consistantly comes out with good information (,, to his Twitter account.

Take away: “Twitter is the only way.” He has 700 topics to promote. Their Press Releases alone would add staggering costs (similar to a SuperBowl, radio, TV, etc. ads). Twitter is a lost-cost alternative that allows the brand and consumer to connect on a more personal, trusted and easier level.

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