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As a top Long Island marketing agency, SMM Advertising spends a lot of time evaluating impactful marketing trends. One of the biggest groundswells in recent years has been companies looking to take advantage of socially responsible business marketing. For all the perceived negatives of the digital age, the shrinking of the world has done wonders for illuminating issues facing the less fortunate all over the globe. People want to do their part to be part of the solution and when companies can show that they genuinely care about an issue, it can create a true sense of brand loyalty. Businesses need to understand that their customers feel better when they are doing something positive.

What Do Social Responsibility Marketing Strategies Look Like?

An effective social responsibility marketing strategy can either spread awareness towards a societal issue or problem or directly donate portions of profits towards a charitable group. The most effective social responsibility marketing strategies endure. Instead of doing a one-off promotion where a portion of the proceeds go towards a charitable organization, a company should consider building a sales model that automatically puts a portion of profits towards an organization of their choosing. Some brands, like those who create clothing, can even donate product. Consider sock companies who provide socks to the troops for every pair sold. A full commitment to a cause can create an enduring positive response from a targeted audience.

Building a Socially Responsible Brand

There’s a razor-sharp line that must be followed when building a socially responsible brand. As much good that will be generated through these efforts, a lack of follow-through can spell disaster. Companies must take the time to determine the issues they want to assist, how they are going to do so and how they will be able to deliver on their promises. There are countless examples of brands attempting to take advantage of socially responsible marketing only to fall flat on their face. Consider Kylie Jenner trying to end a street standoff between marchers and police with a Pepsi can in a Super Bowl commercial: appearing tone deaf can do irreparable damage. As a top Long Island marketing agency, SMM Advertising takes the time to develop strategies that are an authentic representation of the brand and its causes.

People Want to Support Companies Who Share Their Beliefs

Consumers have shown that they are willing to spend more money on products or services that represent their beliefs. Before determining a socially responsible marketing strategy, it’s important for companies to do their research on the issues their target audience cares about. For instance, global warming is a huge issue that has been a key decision maker at the ballot box in recent elections. If a company makes the decision to switch to paper straws and eliminate their plastic products, it may cause an increase in costs. However, if they market the fact that their changes are for the greater good of the planet, their customers may be willing to absorb the costs for the cause.

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