When calamity strikes, how should your brand react?

  It’s been tough the last few months. On an emotional level, marketing managers are drained, stressed and probably a little scared of the possibility of impending doom. Yet, on a business level, what should we be doing for our brands to be prepared for when things turn around? How do we not get stuck…

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B2B Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

If your business is selling to other businesses, chances are it’s a Millennial buying your products. They are getting older and moving into important business decision-making roles – so it’s important to know when marketing to millennials how they research and how they buy. Millennials are people born between 1981 and 1997 and account for…

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Managing A Brand Strategy Across Many Product Lines

Brand Strategy Across Many Product Lines

How do companies like P&G and Henry Schein manage their brand strategy across such diverse and large product lines? First, let’s start off by defining what a product line is. A product line is a group of related products all marketed under a single brand name that is sold by the same company. For example,…

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YouTube Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing

Do you use YouTube in your media mix for marketing?  If you don’t, you’re missing out on the most popular website for videos with over 400 hours of video being uploaded every minute. Trying to make your content stand out in the giant pool of content is a huge challenge faced by brands. Many brands…

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Giving Back – It’s Good Business

giving back - It's good business

“I’m always happy to donate and feel it’s incumbent upon any successful business to do so,” says Peggy Washburn, world exhibited photographer and artist. “Helping others and giving back to the community gives me the opportunity to meet new people and develop additional long-lasting relationships. In the end, it benefits all.” With over 70 organizations…

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Earth Day Dilemma

Earth Day fish out of plastic bottles on back Every day should be Earth Daybackground with Earth

Every day should be Earth Day. If knowing the “Big Plastic Island in the Pacific” has grown to more than 600,000 square miles (about three time the size of France and twice the size of Texas) doesn’t motivate you to take care of our planet, what will? It’s just plain scary. This “island” is full…

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4 Brands Who Struck Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

Close up of green beer and shamrock

Many companies and brands find their most creative ideas for marketing campaigns during holidays both big and small. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween and even on Thanksgiving, you’ll find sweepstakes, giveaways, & holiday-themed treats. This St. Patrick’s Day you’re in luck! The four brands featured below have taken advantage of the green themed holiday in…

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Marketing Trends Preparing to Launch in 2019

2019 Marketing Trends: Media, Idea, technology, advertising, SEO, analysis, promotion, SEM, mobile, web, online

As an industry, marketing is projected to grow by 6.4% new hires in 2019, stemming from many global changes in the previous year. 2018 saw many landmark changes in the field of marketing which will have a ripple effect leading into the new year. Facebook’s change in ad placement, the rise of influencer marketing and…

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