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Produce Video Content That Inspires!

People choose to consume video content over other forms of media for different reasons, such as to learn something new, to relax after a long day, or even to keep up with the trends. However, more than half of those who watch video content do so to be entertained or inspired!

Living in a visual age, there’s plenty of video content to go around. But how can you make your visual content stand out above the rest? What improvements can you make to increase your engagement, gain a larger audience, and encourage brand awareness?

There are a few rules to keep in mind when producing your video content in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Rule #1 – Use Eye-catching Visuals

With so much video out there today, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. By creating pleasing imagery, you’ll gain the upper hand in catching the audience’s attention. Thanks to smartphones, everybody can make video content; however, not everyone can create the professional and high-quality imagery required to impress a viewer and keep their attention. For instance, you can include an array of colors, preferably that complement the subject of your video. Refer to color schemes and complementary color charts online for guidance.

Rule #2 – Edit to Keep Attention

Just because you have visuals that are pleasing to the eye, that’s not enough to keep your audience’s attention. Studies show that our attention spans have narrowed to a mere eight seconds! To keep your viewer interested, it’s best to use graphics, B-roll, and jump cuts. Be sure to avoid leaving an image for too long, or it may become stagnant.

Rule #3 – Clear Audio and Music Choice

What we hear is just as important as what we see. Ever watch a video that had horrible sound quality and you couldn’t even understand the person speaking? It makes the experience far less enjoyable! Without proper sound, your story might not be presented accurately and the audience is left feeling uninformed and maybe even confused.

Let’s not forget music. The choice of music plays hand-in-hand with your story. What emotion do you want to instill? What feeling do you want to invoke? The right music will support the video objectives and make for a more enjoyable experience overall.

Rule #4 – Tell a Story

You can have the best visuals, the best effects, the best editing, and a great hook, but that all won’t matter if you don’t have a story to tell. We are social creatures, after all! Whether it be to bring brand awareness, sell a product/service, or simply strengthen and grow your audience, you’ll need to convey a compelling story with robust and engaging copy to make your video both enticing and memorable.

Rule #5 – Be Genuine

Some of the best and most memorable videos are those with authenticity. Nobody wants to feel that they’re being sold a product or service. Aim to inform your audience and build a connection.

All in all, when it comes to creating content, the world is your oyster! There are many ways to engage with your audience while still keeping these rules in mind.

Just remember: Keep it short, keep it informative, and keep it authentic.

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