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Part 1: How to Stay in Business for 25 Years (25 Tips)

Charlie MacLeod SMM Advertising

Over the next five weeks I will be blogging about how we stayed in business for 25 years. Each week will have five brief hints about how we did it –for a total of 25 hints for 25 years! -Charlie MacLeod President SMM Advertising 1. Be nice. The outward respect and kindness you bestow on…

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Baseball is a Business, but Business Isn’t Baseball

Derek Jeter hit by inning pitch

It became a hot topic the other day, although I’m having a difficult time understanding why.  In last Wednesday’s baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays, shortstop Derek Jeter was awarded first base because the umpire believed that he had been hit by a pitch; a misconception Jeter played up…

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The Spread Sheet of Dorian Gray – Living Within Your Means

A few weeks ago, along with several other agency owners from around the country, I participated in a forum at the American Association of Advertising Agencies in Manhattan. During our discussions, someone mentioned the case of an advertising agency that had recently been purchased by an investment consortium. It seems that, following the acquisition, agency…

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10 Recruitment Techniques for Post-Recession War for Talent

Compass pointing to word Talent

As the economy begins to mend itself, we are already beginning to see a slow growth in the formation of new jobs. History shows that for every recession, a rapid period of growth follows shortly thereafter. If you are among the lucky HR professionals to have survived “The Great Recession”, now would be a good…

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The Passive Job Seeker Is Golden

woman in closeup with business professionals in background

Especially in today’s economic environment, employers are becoming increasingly “choosy” with regard to whom they hire… and rightfully so. With the unemployment rate reaching highs that we have not seen in decades, more and more job seekers have resorted to “fabricated enthusiasm” in hopes of impressing recruiters. These candidates are willing to settle for a…

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Ready To Plant Some Seeds after the Economic Downturn ?

seedlings sprouting from ground

You’ve been a couch potato long enough – get up! Spring seems to have sprung, or at minimum be just around the corner. Where will you be, come the fall? Often during an economic downturn, there are a few stages we go thru; fight, denial, realization, and then atrophy. I don’t know about you but…

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Is Tiger Ready to Come Out of the Woods?

Tiger Woods with mouth in shape of Nike symbol

A few weeks ago this blog raised questions about the wisdom of using celebrities in advertising, particularly in the wake of Tiger Woods’ rapid fall from testimonial grace. Yesterday the Tiger Redemption Tour (soon to be part of the PGA Tour) reached a milestone with the announcement that he would resume his golf career at…

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Internet Killed the TV Spot

Pepsi refresh project statistics

The one interesting thing I find about a recession is how it brings the cost of things back down to “normal.” For houses, cars, clothes, dining out . . . just about anything you could name. To put a positive spin on those who have been dinged by it, look at it this way; once…

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More Patient than Impatiens

seedlings sprouting from ground

They say nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. In my small nook of the world, the other certainty is the little house I pass going to and from work that plants hundreds of impatiens along the roadside every year. They start as small seedlings in early spring, and by the summer they…

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Gresham’s Law: A 21st Century Update for the Graphic Arts

person typing on silhouette laptop keyboard

Anybody out there remember Gresham’s Law? No, not the 1960’s police drama — that was Burke’s Law, starring Gene Barry (does anyone remember Gene Barry, for that matter?). Well, you may have encountered Sir Thomas Gresham’s 16th century law in your high school or college economics class. It concerned monetary policy and the relationship between…

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