Five Tips to Maximize Your Visual Marketing

Mna walking past graffiti with the word Good

Whether you’re advertising or posting on social media, using the right visuals can grab people’s attention and keep them engaged. Unfortunately, some people treat their choice of images like an afterthought that they only include because they’re supposed to. If you want to get the most out of your visual marketing, and maximize the use…

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Five Targeting Strategies for Paid LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising logo

Chances are, you’re regularly using LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded professionals. The platform is a great way to network, find people to form partnerships with, and recruit prospective employees. But it’s also an effective tool for advertising – to strategically get in front of your ideal audience and boost the number of qualified leads…

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Why Employee Satisfaction Is an Effective Marketing Tool

manager smiling with hand on shoulder of employee at their desk

You respect them. You couldn’t dream of having a successful business without them. You understand their importance to your success and realize that your organization could not thrive without them. And with that in mind, you put in a great deal of effort to keep them satisfied. At first blush, you may think this describes…

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Five Reasons Cause Marketing Is So Attractive

Charity rubber wristbands in multiple colors

Since the 1970s, the use of cause marketing has become increasingly popular among nonprofit organizations and private companies alike. Although many companies get involved in issues as a way to give back to their community, they can also reap tremendous business benefits by helping to raise money and awareness for a cause. The following are…

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A Strong Employer Brand

Employer Branding: Proposition, experience, engagement, talent, communication, corporate identity, reputation

In today’s competitive business world, having a strong employer brand helps to attract and retain top talent. Just as consumers may be attracted to a brand’s goods and services, people are attracted to a company’s reputation as an employer. A brand that resonates with the kind of people your organization wants to hire is a great…

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Effective Recruiting for Healthcare Organizations in 2016

hands with words Human Resource: Skill, Leadership, Motivate, Mentoring, Training, Potential

As the Baby Boomers age, they will develop more age-related diseases — and as such, they will need more medical care. At all levels of healthcare staffing, more workers will be needed to keep up with the demands of medical care. However, there is another issue for the healthcare staffing industry: retiring employees. In fact,…

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